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Inspired by New York Steakhouses, THE KITCHEN has established itself in the region as a true meat institution since 2015.

This grill restaurant, born from the know-how of "grandmother" cuisine, offers quality cuts of meat, cut on site by professionals and which will delight the taste buds of the most carnivorous.

Fancy a good meal with family or friends? We invite you to come and enjoy a beautiful New York T-Bone steak or a delicious prime rib in meat heaven ...

With or without reservation, you will be greeted with a smile in our meat restaurants.

Gastronomic Grill


Carried out in a Josper charcoal charcoal oven, the cooking respects both the resting time of the meat and the degree of doneness you like.


What is smoked meat?

Meat smoking is the process of cooking meat at a low temperature for a long time in a smokehouse to add flavor. Wood smoke adds a rich flavor and a tantalizing aroma.